The Best Tiling Window Managers For Beginners

Posted: 23 Dec. 2021 2-minute read

Anyone who knows me knows that I like to use a tiling window manager whenever I can. Having the ability to organize my programs into general categories, combined with the fact that none of the windows …

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Building A Website From Our Notes

Posted: 20 Sep. 2021 4-minute read

Although the last post in the series assumed you had already set up a hugo site, I wanted to quickly go over setting up a website so that you can quickly get your wiki deployed.

Before anything, make …

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A PSA for my Org-Roam Hydra

Posted: 23 Aug. 2021 1-minute read

As you might have heard by now, Org-roam recently updated to version 2, which allows you to set an ID for a post and a headline, and then link by those IDs. However, several functions were renamed to …

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Building Hydras for Org-roam

Posted: 14 Jun. 2021 5-minute read

I’ve recently been playing around with Org-roam, a note-taking package for Emacs and Org-mode based on the Zettelkasten method of taking notes, and interconnecting those notes by means of …

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My Org-Mode Workflow

Posted: 12 Jun. 2021 5-minute read

Although I briefly describe my workflows in the notes section of my website, I wanted to go far more in-depth here on my blog vs. in the notes file. I think of it this way - a note is a quick reminder …

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Using a Makefile With My Website

Posted: 12 Mar. 2021 4-minute read
Categories: Programming Webdev Hugo

It shouldn’t be a surprise that I use Hugo as a static site generator. Not only is it fast, but it is also incredibly customizable, which is something that I find useful considering my website …

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Featuring Site Content In Hugo

Posted: 23 Feb. 2021 3-minute read
Tagged: #Web-dev #Hugo
Categories: Web-dev Hugo

I recently found that the layout for my index page here was cluttered - I had content both in the org-mode file where I would write a post, as well as in the index.html file that actually rendered …

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Using Multireddits with Newsboat

Posted: 23 Dec. 2020 3-minute read
Categories: Software Newsboat

On Reddit, multireddits are a way of grouping multiple subreddits into a grouped feed. It’s a nice way to keep my reddit organized so I can view the content that I really want to.

As an example, …

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