Building Hydras for Org-roam

I’ve recently been playing around with Org-roam, a note-taking package for Emacs and Org-mode based on the Zettelkasten method of taking notes, and interconnecting those notes by means of backlinks, and one place this style of note-taking is very common on is the Roam Research website. In the little bit of time that I’ve gotten to try this line of research, I’ve found it much more helpful with regards to actually remembering things rather than my old method of just writing it down in a notebook - having backlinks where I can go back and reference any information I’ve gotten is very helpful.

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My Org-Mode Workflow

Although I briefly describe my workflows in the notes section of my website, I wanted to go far more in-depth here on my blog vs. in the notes file. I think of it this way - a note is a quick reminder of something, while something like an article or post is more in-depth. I use org-mode for most of my stuff now - if I am writing a README as an example (or writing generally), I’ll use org-mode where I can, including in emails.

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Using A Makefile With My Website

It shouldn’t be a surprise that I use Hugo as a static site generator. Not only is it fast, but it is also incredibly customizable, which is something that I find useful considering my website has so much stuff on it. In addition, being able to create shortcodes to avoid reusing code on certain pages is such a helpful tool for wikis. Finally, having support for Emacs' Org-Mode is what initially drew me to Hugo in the first place.

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Featuring Site Content in Hugo

I recently found that the layout for my index page here was cluttered - I had content both in the org-mode file where I would write a post, as well as in the index.html file that actually rendered content to the page. I knew I wanted to have a shortcode so that I could more easily use that content again, if I needed to. However, I also knew that I’d want to have a list of both featured posts that I thought were my best work, as well as a list of recent posts on the page.

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Using Multireddits with Newsboat

On Reddit, multireddits are a way of grouping multiple subreddits into a grouped feed. It’s a nice way to keep my reddit organized so I can view the content that I really want to. As an example, here is what my gaming-related feed in newsboat looks like: That is incredibly overwhelming, even if it is sorted by the date the post was published. In my opinion, even keeping all the gaming subreddits I follow in a query feed could quickly become overwhelming since I follow a lot of game-related subreddits.

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