Hello there, and welcome to my website. This currently houses my resume (both as a webpage and as a PDF), as well as some of the projects I’ve been working on. I’m working on a blog currently, but that will be up sometime in the future. This site was written in Emacs’ Org-Mode, using Hugo as a static site generator. This site is using my own All for One theme for Hugo (though with some very minor modifications and CSS changes), as well as the wrapper from Luis Fuentes’ resume project on Gitlab.


I graduated from the University of Mary Washington in May 2021, with a Bachelor’s of Science in computer science, and a minor in cybersecurity.

I’ve been a drummer since about 6th grade, and I’ve been teaching myself guitar on and off since sophomore year of high school. Most recently, in January 2021 I started teaching myself bass. As far as my hobbies outside of code and music, I enjoy worldbuilding and games (both video games and tabletop games, especially tabletop role-playing games.) Feel free to explore around.

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