A PSA for my Org-Roam Hydra

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As you might have heard by now, Org-roam recently updated to version 2, which allows you to set an ID for a post and a headline, and then link by those IDs. However, several functions were renamed to be more consistnt with the rst of the org-roam. This is a PSA to anyone using that you will need to edit those functions slighly for functionality. In jh/find-org-roam-file, you will need to replace org-roam-find-file with org-roam-node-find, and in jh/org-roam-insert, replace org-roam-insert with org-roam-node-insert. Although it’s a minor change, you wil need to run org-roam-db-clear and org-roam-db-sync for each directory in your hydra, just to make sure everything is up to date. While not ideal, I wanted to make sure it would work.