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Featuring Site Content in Hugo

I recently found that the layout for my index page here was cluttered - I had content both in the org-mode file where I would write a post, as well as in the index.html file that actually rendered content to the page. I knew I wanted to have a shortcode so that I could more easily use that content again, if I needed to. However, I also knew that I’d want to have a list of both featured posts that I thought were my best work, as well as a list of recent posts on the page.

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Using Multireddits with Newsboat

On Reddit, multireddits are a way of grouping multiple subreddits into a grouped feed. It’s a nice way to keep my reddit organized so I can view the content that I really want to. As an example, here is what my gaming-related feed in newsboat looks like: That is incredibly overwhelming, even if it is sorted by the date the post was published. In my opinion, even keeping all the gaming subreddits I follow in a query feed could quickly become overwhelming since I follow a lot of game-related subreddits.

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