About Me

Hello! I’m Jacob, a former student of the University of Mary Washington. I graduated with a major in Computer Science with a minor in cybersecurity. Although I majored in cybersecurity, I found that it really wasn’t what I was looking for - my original plan was to minor in political science, but the closest thing the university had was International Relations, which wasn’t exactly what I was looking for - this was also around the time the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal was coming to light, and so I figured that cybersecurity was going to become very quickly involved with political science.

Beyond software, I have a deep love of games, both tabletop and video games. If you had to ask me what my favorite video game is, I would have to say Super Metroid, from the SNES. I feel like a lot of it boils down to the individual elements, rather than the game as a whole.

I also enjoy worldbuilding. My two most recent projects are Broken Thrones, an alt-history/low fantasy setting, and Shattered Skies, a Metroid-meets-Halo-meets-Destiny, gritty sci-fi setting.

Outside of games and worldbuilding, I also develop themes for the static site generator Hugo. I’m currently working on two at the moment - All For One, an all-in-one blog, portfolio, and CV theme, as well as a variant of it for wikis, which I am calling Halfmoon Wiki until I can come up with a better name for it.